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Joyce Y. Li
Do you have a dream that is yet to come true? I’ve discovered my calling as a motivational speaker, counsellor and author. Life has been the most exciting ever since. Learn More About Joyce


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Struggling to find meaning, peace, and joy in life? Joyce is an experienced counsellor offering professional therapeutic counselling services to individuals, couples and families. Book Joyce for Counselling by calling 1-905.593.2631 Bayridge Family Centre. How Counselling Works?

Midlife Reinvention Interlude

Finding Happiness in Mexico Self-employed Ups and Downs Being self-employed has both its advantages and short-comings. When choosing to be a freelance consultant, I am fully aware that my income is not stable and no one is depositing a regular paycheck into my bank account. Contrary, there may not be a paycheck at all during […]

Counting Down the Tomorrows

How to Face the Final Curtain Call with Courage? My girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery six years ago. Doctors were satisfied with her treatments and gave her a positive prognosis. Yesterday, my girlfriend spoke to me after dinner. Her teary eyes gave away what she was going to tell me. She […]

Hot Pot dinner at Whitehorse

Dream Came True

Lessons from a Travelling Trainer Years ago, I envied the life of a travelling trainer. To them, learn, work, fun is all-in-one. I thought that could be the best job in the world. One gets to travel, explore, learn from teaching, and earn money while doing that. After my un-retirement from my corporate job 15 […]

three truths about gratitude journal

Be Grateful; Be Happier

Three Truths to Know Before Starting Your Gratitude Journal Last week, we went through the benefits of keeping a Gratitude Journal. This practice will draw on more positivity, optimal health and resiliency. Do you want that for your life? Today, I will show you how to start your Gratitude Journal and be happier. You can […]

What others are saying about Joyce Li

“…I want to thank you for your help over these past few weeks on building up my confidence. But I still need to do my part on keeping myself positive. You have shown ways for me to build my personality so [that I can] feel good.”

“Joyce is a detail oriented woman whom enjoys working with young people and helping them to live their lives to the fullest. Her mission statement truly describes her passion. Joyce has helped me make my choices in life easier because of the workshop. Keep up the Good Work Joyce!”

“Joyce is an individual with many… talents. She has a unique ability to take an idea and create a story for others to understand. She is a disciplined project manager. She is committed to the evolution of the individual, including herself and the people around her.”